MedFetch Privacy Policy
  1. Is my information safe?
    • Yes, all your information is safe. Your registration data is encrypted in our database for your protection. Your registration data would only be shared with a partner to enable a requested transaction, such as EZProxy, with your approval.
    • Mobile device apps are processed securely through iTunes or the Android Market. The details of the transaction (such as credit card information) are not shared with

  2. What will the login information be used for?
    • Understanding who our clients are. The design of our webspace is directly influenced by our audience. It allows us to personalize each web page and to deliver your search results via e-mail.
    • Login verification. If you forget your password and cannot login to MedFetch, we will use the information to verify your identity and forward your password via e-mail.

  3. E-mail messages sent from MedFetch:
    • E-mail a citation: when you e-mail a reference to a friend, we do not store or collate any information from these messages.
    • Follow Requests: Requests from a member to another individual to join or follow a resource is tracked and stored by MedFetch solely to complete the invitation. MedFetch will not use these e-mail requests for promotional or marketing purposes. When the e-mail invitation is accepted or refused, the request is processed and the invitation information is deleted from our servers.
    • We do limit the number recipients any one request can contain to prevent our servers from unwittingly particpating in unsolicited e-mails.
    • MedFetch employs Captcha technology to prevent spambots from sending messages through our servers.
    • Messages sent through social network affiliates: Message sent through our partner networks, Share This, Facebook, UserEcho and Twitter for example, may be tracked by these organizations. User are directed to review the individual privacy policies of these companies before utilizing these links.

  4. Opt-out Policy:
    • We honor every request from any person, regardless of their MedFetch membership status, to "opt-out" of receiving messages through by sending a request to our Support Center.

  5. Google Analytics:
    • MedFetch utilizes the services of Google to monitor our servers for broken links and visitor trends.

  6. Cookies:
    • This site employs cookies and Session variables to identify users and deliver unique personalized pages. This information is not publicly accessible and is not shared with any entity.

  7. Registered e-mail addresses:
    • MedFetch requires members to verify their e-mail address. MedFetch began as an e-mail only service and our core product, the repetitive PubMed Alert, formerly known as an Automated Medline Query or AMQ, is an e-mail service that delivers new references via e-mail. With the evolution of the web, some users may wish to use our service via RSS streams or the web exclusively. For these users, we continue to require a valid e-mail address to send important communications such as Privacy Policy changes.
    • Since 1997 we have only sent four such broadcast messages to our users. We highly value our users' time and privacy.
    • Repetitive e-mail bounces are tracked and after 10 bounces, a MedFetch account will be suspended pending e-mail address verification.

  8. Access to Searches/Folders/RSS streams:
    • Access to a Daily Alert or Folder and associated comments added to individual references is restricted by the user.
    • Registered Users can limit who may view their searches and folders. Restriction can be limited to members of the user's institution, all MedFetch members, or to a specific list of Friends.

  9. Access to Copyrighted Material:
    • Users are required to agree to the MedFetch license which clearly outlines the end user's responsibility to honor the electronic rights of each and every reference they access. Accounts are individual accounts and cannot be shared. We monitor and store ip address information for each account and reserve the right to cancel any account violating this provision.
    • Accessing PDFs is limited to a user's electronic rights. Links are provided to Open Access publications and PDFs of non-Open Access materials.
    • Access to original publisher sites is determined by the publisher, either through an ip address verification process, the use of cookies or similar processes. MedFetch facilitates end users who have institutional proxies to access materials they have rights to view.
    • MedFetch does not provide access to copyrighted materials to users who are not otherwise considered by the publisher through electronic means to be privileged users.
    • PubMed Alerts contain information the end-user believes is pertinent. MedFetch tracks what information is presented and subsequently deleted from a user's resource solely to prevent duplicate delivery of references.

    • Each comment will contain the poster's name as registered, the username, institution if applicable and qualifications if applicable. E-mail addresses are not published. The total number of posts the user has made is listed and the date of the comment is displayed.
    • User comments must be respectful and honest.
    • Comments cannot contain advertisements

    • Moderation:
      • At its own discretion, MedFetch reserves the right to delete any comments deemed offensive and to delete the account of any user violating this policy.
      • Everyone is encouraged to report any use of MedFetch that they consider to be inconsistent with our mission of empowering the global medical community through dissemination of knowlege.